Our Team

Our Team

Our Team

Desert Veterinary Clinic
​​​​​​​Team of Professionals

​​​​​​​The only person in the world who cares more about what is BEST for your pet than we do; is you!

Desert Veterinary Clinic

​​​​Meet the Team

Dr. Cheryl M. Haugo

Dr. Cheryl M. Haugo

Owner - Veterinarian

Licensed in Washington and Arizona since 1986, Dr. Haugo founded Desert Vet Clinic in 1989. Dr. Haugo has special interests in exotics and birds while maintaining her love for cats and dogs -, especially Great Danes. Dr. Haugo and husband Mark John are owned by 3 Great Danes (one of which is the clinic mascot; Solveig), 2 cats, 5 goats, 10 ducks, 2 geese and who knows what else will pop up at Haugo Farms!

Dr. Alison Waples

Dr. Alison Waples


Dr. Alison Waples was born and raised in Nebraska (Go Big Red!). She received her Bachelor of Science from Nebraska Wesleyan University and then attended Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. After receiving her DVM in 2009, Dr. Waples did a 1 year small animal/exotic pet internship in Tucson, where she was also allowed to work with the collection at Reid Park Zoo. She adores the four-legged family members, and has a passion for exotic pets and surgery. Dr. Waples enjoys outdoor activities with her handsome Great Pyrenees mix, Archimedes, whom she rescued while finishing her DVM.

Mark John Haugo

Mark John Haugo

All-around Good Guy​​​​​​​

Mark John was born in Minnesota and met Dr. Haugo in Idaho while they were both attending undergraduate school. He was a wildlands firefighter and on the road to a biologist position with the Department of the Interior when he was severely injured in an accident in 1990. Mark John has made a remarkable recovery so far and now gives his energy to assisting the Kindergarten teachers at Yuma Lutheran School and working out at the YMCA. He helps Doc with their many animals at Haugo Farms and is in charge of the Employee Break Room at Desert Vet. Thanks for washing all our dirty dishes, Mark John!

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