Adopt a Bird Month

Adopt a Bird Month

Adopt a Bird Month

January is adopt a rescue bird month. As much as we love animals getting rescued, it is extremely important people know what they are getting themselves in to. Birds, primarily parrots, are very smart & very finicky creatures. They also have extremely good memories and long lifespans. The downfall of their extremely good memory is that if they are in rescue because of neglect or abuse, they remember the abuse they endured. Some birds can have such a traumatic past, that they are very difficult to deal with and require extra care. These animals deserve to be loved and cared for, but it is important to be 100% up to the task and care it takes to adequately care for such an exotic animal. Below are some things to consider when thinking about adopting a bird:

Parrots require at least 2-3 hours a day of interaction as they are very social. While you are not home, you will need to provide safe, adequate entertainment such as toys, etc.


They are messy creatures. You will need to clean their cage, and area around their cage sometimes daily.


They are loud. They love to be social and interact with people, and they squawk to get your attention. Similar to a child.


They require a varied diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds etc daily.


Parrots can bite when they become upset or agitated, they can also use their large claws to scratch if they become upset.


They require special veterinary care. This goes beyond bringing them in for their examinations. They may require regular beak, wing and nail trims. Wing trims especially if you do not have a safe area for them to fly in. If you are interested in rescuing a bird, we recommend calling the clinic and talking to Theresa. Theresa is one of our employees who also owns and operates Feathered Love Parrot Rescue. She is absolutely fantastic with birds and would love to help prepare you for the journey of adopting a parrot. 

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