SO this week was a busy one. We had several emergencies one of which involved a pet dog eating Gorilla Glue. Just knot this is NOT a good thing. Dr.

Howdy, the last several weeks have seen a huge increase in emergencies such as dog fights, parvo infections, animals hit by cars and so on. We had a very troubling

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone. Today was the final day of our raffle for the Dog and Cat beds made by Suzie K, our Behavior counselor. The proceeds of the

Hey County residents, we need your help. Dr. Haugo recently had a dog enter her property in her absence and kill most of the ducks and 1 of 3 geese.

Happy New Year from your doctors and nurses at Desert Veterinary Clinic. We are happy to introduce to you, soon-to-be doctor Munoz. Dr. Munoz is in her final stages

Well, this week was certainly eventful. We treated a beautiful Great Horned Owl for the state. A concerned citizen called and brought us the injured owl.

Desert Veterinary Clinic wants to say a giant Woof and Purr thank you to all the participants as well as the donors for our 3rd Annual Howl-O-Ween party October 25th.

DVC Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest

Come join us on Friday, October 25th at Yuma Civic Center from 7pm -10-10pm for the Third Annual Desert Veterinary Clinic's Howl-O-Ween Costume Contest.

We are partnering with Partners For Healthy Pets to help you keep your fury family members healthy, happy and living longer lives. check out their website

Laser Treatments

We now have the ability to do laser treatments. Conditions that can be improved through laser treatment: Arthritis Acute and Chronic pain Back Injuries Sprains and Strains Inflammation and Edema Wound Healing "Amy" hurt her back and

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